Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy

The purpose of Nag the Vote is to increase the number of registered voters by providing a way for persons using its service (naggers) to contact individuals they know to make sure they are registered (persons-to-be-nagged). The email sent to those persons-to-be-nagged will include a link to Vote.org  to assist the person with voter registration where they live. Vote.org  has detailed information on how Vote.org  will use information they gather in helping a person to register to vote, and you should look at that information.

Nag the Vote will NOT use the list of names of naggers and persons-to-be-nagged for any commercial purpose. It will NOT sell the list to any commercial or noncommercial organization, or to any political party or any campaign.

Nag the Vote WILL use the list of contacts created to send a follow-up message to the person-to-be-nagged and the naggers telling them about upcoming elections in their place of registration.  Period.